Dealing with My Own Dementors

For most of my life I have dealt with high levels of anxiety and even have had to cope with full-blown panic attacks. The first time I can remember being worried and stressed is when I was in first grade and facing a spelling test. The need to be perfect and get the words correct... Continue Reading →

Newborn Apocalypse

I don't care how many articles you read, or how many people tell you horror stories and warn you about the reality of living with a newborn; nothing can prepare for what I am calling the Newborn Apocalypse. I thought I was prepared, I knew I was strong, determined, and ready to deal with sleep... Continue Reading →

He Who Shall Not Be Named

Did you know that when picking a name for your unborn child that everyone has an opinion? Think I am exaggerating? Well, I am not. Even the cashier at the grocery store had suggestions and opinions concerning my name choices, and our relationship spanned all of five minutes, when she noticed my belly and proceeded... Continue Reading →

The Pregnancy Card

For those of you that have ever played deck-building games, you know there is usually some really powerful card that the other players dread seeing enter the game (unless it sits safely in their own deck). The card wields great power, may cost the player something in return for that power, but in the end... Continue Reading →

Nerdy Nursery

As with all things nerdy, deciding on a nerdy/geeky nursery theme has not been easy. In fact, it has been impossible for me to choose between the many fandoms I love and select one theme for my little parasite's nursery. To further complicate matters, the parasite's father is not nearly as big of a nerd... Continue Reading →

Curse of the Comic Con

As a bit of an introvert, and someone who gets nervous and stressed in large crowds, comic cons have always been a bit of a challenge for me. On the one hand, I love seeing my fellow nerds decked out in whatever cosplay represents their fandom(s), I love hearing the panel speakers, meeting artists and... Continue Reading →

Nerdy Baby Registry

So, part of the whole having a baby/hosting a parasite process involves registering for baby equipment/items you need and want, and then providing access to that list to your family, friends, and coworkers you can guilt into buying you stuff. Now in theory, I love this idea. Who doesn't like getting gifts, and baby stuff... Continue Reading →

How to Host a Parasite

Fun fact: just because you are thirty-eight years old, and have never been pregnant; it does not mean that you will not unexpectedly find yourself host to a parasite. This is especially true if you had three glasses of ¬†wine in one night, AND used an app on your phone to gauge chances of fertility... Continue Reading →

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