Nerdy Baby Registry

So, part of the whole having a baby/hosting a parasite process involves registering for baby equipment/items you need and want, and then providing access to that list to your family, friends, and coworkers you can guilt into buying you stuff.

Now in theory, I love this idea. Who doesn’t like getting gifts, and baby stuff can be really awesome. Did you know they make baby Converse sneakers? Because they do! And if I was not already pregnant, just seeing those little sneakers would make my ovaries scream, “give me a baby to place those sneakers on!” If online RPGs have taught me one thing it’s this: it’s always about the outfits. People don’t devote hours of their day killing fantastical creatures in imaginary worlds to level up their character because they enjoy the hunt. Nope,what they really want is access to better outfit options.

Anyway, one of the frustrations I have with registering for baby stuff is the lack of nerdy options for baby. Now,I will admit that Amazon is amazing. I have found dragon merchandise, robot and science themed clothes, Lord of the Rings onesies, a Harry Potter blanket, and even a book called the ABCs of RPGs. However, Amazon seems to be my only option if I want to create a nerdy baby gift registry which I can send to people to ask for loot.

Think Geek is one of my favorite sites, but not only do they not have baby registry, they have no gift registry of any type. Yes, they offer gift cards, but a lot of people have issues with giving gift cards because they are not “personal” enough. (Note: personally I have no problems with gift cards, or cash. You may send either to me and I will be very happy). Heck, I would register at Think Geek for wedding presents, birthday presents, graduation presents, or Christmas! They have geeky/nerdy items for all situations, design needs, and represent various fandoms and interests.

Another site I would love to create a baby registry on is Etsy. Etsy combines my love of all things nerdy with an amazing selection of literature themed items, and all the items are made by artists with far greater creative skill, time, and patience than most of us realistically have. Pinterest is where I go for ideas, Etsy is where I go to make those ideas a reality. If I could register for specific items and then share that information with people who want to buy my little parasite gifts, and keep me from blowing all my money on him myself, so I could instead save money for his college education (since based on current tuition rates, I should have started saving 5 years prior to becoming pregnant if I wanted to be able to afford his college!)

So, if anyone out there knows of any nerdy merchandise sites that actually have gift registries, tell me what they are. Or if there are nerdy sites I have not listed that you wish DID have gift registries let me know those too, because I am always looking for new nerdy sites to spend my money!

For all those nerdy moms out there, the beautiful, talented, mother of all nerds, Felicia Day, has created a page on Amazon where she lists some awesome nerdy/geeky merchandise she has purchased for her own daughter. I will admit, I found this list very helpful when I began the process of creating/updating my own baby’s registry. Here it is if you are interested.


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