Curse of the Comic Con

As a bit of an introvert, and someone who gets nervous and stressed in large crowds, comic cons have always been a bit of a challenge for me. On the one hand, I love seeing my fellow nerds decked out in whatever cosplay represents their fandom(s), I love hearing the panel speakers, meeting artists and writers, and having the opportunity to hear celebrities in nerdom speak. However on the other hand, I detest long lines, being surrounded by throngs of people, parking, and sometimes dealing with assholes who criticize other nerds as not being “true nerds” (whatever that means).

I’ve never had the opportunity to attend the San Diego Comic Con also known as THE Comic Con, but in 2013 I did attend one in Dallas with the sole intention of buying a bunch of nerdy stuff, and meeting one of my favorite nerd celebrities, the attractive, talented, and hilarious  Nathan Fillion. Unfortunately, after driving 4.5 hours (and only getting lost once) to Dallas, and after standing in line for over an hour to just get in the building…..I saw the announcement that Nathan Fillion was unfortunately sick, and unable to attend the convention. My heart was broken and only a photo in front of a TARDIS could help to slightly lift the dark cloud that settled over me at hearing this news. (please see photo below with only a slightly happy Sarah smile)


I did end up having some and bought some cool stuff I still have. Also, I was able to hear Brandon Routh speak. However, after about four hours I started feeling unwell, and we decided to leave the con early.

I would soon discover that the con gave me one more souvenir to take home back to Oklahoma, the dreaded CON FLU!!!


Now that I live in Oregon, I have been wanting to attend the Rose City Comic Con and when I hear that this year’s con was going to have one of my favorite people, Felicia Day; it took me all of 5 minutes to break out the Visa card and purchase my tickets and photo op package. I have been a fan of Felicia Day since 2007 when I first watched a series called, The Guild. Since then I have watched her grow as an actress, writer, become a producer, start her own company and now become a mother.

As someone who is currently pregnant, a nerd, home-schooled kid with only her brothers as friends, and is a teeny bit socially awkward, I have always felt a kinship with Felicia Day. Not in a weird, stalker way or anything….more of a Anne of Green Gables, she is a fellow kindred spirit sort of way.

I won’t lie to you, I’ve been stressing for weeks about what outfit to wear for my photo op, and had finally decided on cropped cargo pants and my maternity shirt that says, “Spawning Please Wait…” shirt. (see below image)


My outfit was going to be “spot on” for the venue and I had put out the extra money to get digital and hard copy prints of the photo with Felicia so I could frame and hang one copy in my little parasite’s nursery for him. I could already imagine myself proudly pointing to the framed photo saying, “See this photo, this is when you met Felicia Day at the Rose City Comic Con” with your really cool (well cool by nerd standards) mom!

But alas, the curse of the comic con strikes again. This week I received notice that Felicia Day was not going to able to attend Rose City Comic Con and that refunds would be issued for all photo experiences purchased. I don’t want my money back, because no amount of money can replace what was going to be a once in a lifetime photo that I was going to hang in my son’s Lord of the Rings/Narnia/Doctor Who themed nursery (yes, all those things go together). Now all he gets is a Dragon Painting that I will be painting for him, and a sad story about “what could have been.” I assume I will get over this disappointment….eventually….but for now, the con has once again broken my heart.

UPDATE: also notified that Karl Urban is not going to be at convention. Yep, Rose City Comic Con just keeps breaking my heart.

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