Nerdy Nursery

As with all things nerdy, deciding on a nerdy/geeky nursery theme has not been easy. In fact, it has been impossible for me to choose between the many fandoms I love and select one theme for my little parasite’s nursery. To further complicate matters, the parasite’s father is not nearly as big of a nerd as I am, and therefore, I am trying to temper my propensity to go overboard in nerdiness/geekiness and allow him to have some opinions in the design of the nursery. If Star Trek has taught me one thing, it is that we must all work together to achieve a common good.

However, trying to Vulcan mind meld our interests into one theme has been fraught with difficulty, and so I decided to just embrace our differences and incorporate a little of both of us into the nursery design.

The result has been better than I expected. As someone who is very organized and likes to things to “go-together” I was concerned that the mix of my geeky fandoms, my interest in science, space, and literature coupled with his interests of dragons, disc golf, and  Doctor Who (a mutual fandom) would clash or seem chaotic.

However, as with all things geeky/nerdy (at least in my opinion), somehow all the differences actually work together to create a unique (and in a weird way), a cohesive nursery of geekiness for the little parasite. I will include a few photos, so you can see what I mean.

Narnia, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Dragons, Shakespeare doll, Vintage Native American Lego Set, Robot Sheets!


IMG_0789 (1)

Even a little nod to disc golf makes it way into the nursery. 



Because this is my first and only child, I of course want everything to be unique, special and perfect. However, my definition of that may be changing, or at least relaxing a bit. what I am realizing is that what I really want is just something that shows him how much I care and love him. Because yeah, the little parasite still has not made his post-womb debut, but I already love the demanding little guy. I know, I know, even sarcastic Sarah now wears “mom goggles” which results in moments of mushiness and craftiness on my part.

For example, before the parasite upgrades to his nursery, he will be residing in my bedroom in a vintage cradle that my mom bought me from a thrift store, and which I “geekified” by painting it and turning it into a Lord of the Rings cradle, because who doesn’t want a LOTR cradle?!

Before and After photos below. Cat is in cradle (without a silver spoon) to help establish size, well that and he thought it was for him.

FullSizeRender (1)

I spent A LOT of time on that cradle, and yeah I know he will probably spend 3 months in it at most, but I wanted him to have something unique and thanks to Michaels Craft Store, and lots of time, painting and repainting when I screwed up something, he now has a one-of-a-kind cradle.

And, it doesn’t stop there. I sewed for this kid, something I have not done since the 1990s. I wanted to make him a special blanket, a Doctor Who blanket to be specific, and so after a trip to the fabric store, some tears of frustration, and a ridiculous amount of time trying to correctly thread my sewing machine, I finally was able to make him this blanket (see photo below).

FullSizeRender (3)

I’d like to say that I have probably gotten this all out of my system, but truth is, I am just getting started. I already have plans for nerdy photo shoots that may or may not involve him dressed as Yoda, or Nintendo video game characters, or as the 11th Doctor, and don’t get me started on the books, gadgets, and nerdy shirts this kid will own.

I will introduce and immerse him in the geek life and hopefully he will love it as much as I do because being a nerd/geek is a good thing.

All it means is you are passionate about things and accept others passion about things without judging, even if you don’t understand the passion (baseball for example). So yeah, if I get the chance to say my son is a geek/nerd, I will say it with enormous pride.


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