Who is Wordy Nerdy Mama?

A lifelong nerd/geek who grew up watching Star Wars, Lost in Space, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, with her three brothers. I am an unapologetic bookworm and book hoarder. I have an extensive knowledge of classical films, books, and Murder She Wrote episodes, which makes me awesome at random, useless trivia, and also makes me a good conversationalist in doctor’s waiting rooms with those people who are designated as the “greatest generation”

I am obsessed with anything and everything relating to Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and Agatha Christie. Seriously.

I come from a family of geeks and nerds and we play board games with the same level of intensity that most people watch sports. We have an annual family game tournament planned, organized and DM’d by my oldest brother David, who is not only the best dungeon master I know, he is also one of the best “on the fly” game creators. He created so many games for us as kids and he continues to do so today.

My brother Mike is the tech guy. Virtual reality, computer games, anything new and cutting edge, he will know about it, and probably have already bought it. He is an avid cosplayer and no one can beat him in a costume contest, so don’t even try.

My youngest brother Josh is the artist. The man has a gift for painting mini figs, and creating landscapes to play with mini fig games. He is also a natural storyteller and has the ability to turn any game into a role playing game.

So much of my identity is intertwined with my brothers so that is why I mention them in my “about me” section. Well, that and they will be talked about and referenced (whether they like it or not) on various posts. So, welcome to my world, which is about to change with the introduction of yet a another nerd, my soon to be born son.

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